April 27th, 2014


Kesi udra dōro numāzmo issi.

Tymptir Dēmalȳti 4x03 Daenerys Targārien Merīnot māzis
In contrast to last week, there was a ton of Valyrian in this episode! I also got a lot more help than usual, with input coming in from Najahho, Zhalio, Joel W, and Papaya. Kirimvose, jemys!

First of all, let's deal with the title:

Pryjassiros Belmoti
Breaker of Chains

This is a bit tricky: we don’t know for certain if a construction of this sort should be with a genitive (belmoti "breaker of chains") or an accusative (belma "one who breaks chains"). It's entirely possible both are acceptable... we just don't know. A further complication is that genitives can either lead or follow. While a leading genitive appears to be the norm, it seems like a following genitive is common in titles and names (see here as well.) So that gives us at least three possibiliies:
  1. Pryjassiros Belmoti
  2. Belmoti Pryjassiros
  3. Belma Pryjassiros

On to the episode, Collapse )