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The Mad Latinist's Journal
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Monday, February 26th, 2007

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Latin Podcasts
In a reply to my latest post in the Latin blogs series, cnoocy points out that Radio YLE Finland's Latin newscasts are now available as a podcast. This got me thinking: if I'm making a point to list Latin blogs, surely I should be listing Latin podcasts as well.

So far, the other Latin newscasts don't seem to have feeds, and neither does Father Foster's Vatican Radio show, The Latin Lover (in fact that doesn't seem to even have its own homepage on the Vatican Radio site anymore. To get the archives you have to go to Fr. Gary Coulter's fansite.)

BTW, bonus points if you can come up with a felicitous Latin term for podcast ;)

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Anyone know why the Systran Translator widget on the Mac OS 10.4 dashboard insists that the German word for "butterfly" is "Basisrecheneinheit"? Surely this means "base calculation unit", and has nothing to do with lepidoptera.

This meme has spread around the internet as well. Try a Google Images search on the word, and see what you get. It's not too hard to find posts by Germans complaining about this (well, not too hard if you're not burried in work, as I am).

Note as well that this problem apparently only occurs in English > German. German > English does not equate the words, and French papillon gives the correct Schmetterling.

Weird. Anyone have any clever explanation for how this happened? Is it just a random error, or is something deeper going on?

In related news, reading through all these scholarly articles written in English and French by German speakers, I'm getting really annoyed at the constant recurrence of the resp. phenomenon. I may not have native intuition in French, but I strongly suspect that no French speaker would actually say "les deux, respectivement, les trois frères"... at least not without a really contrived leadup to get that "respectively" to make sense. But, correct me if I'm wrong.

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