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Ding, dong, genenkys darys morghūltas!

I haven’t posted this week because there was no Valyrian in last week’s episode. But there were a few points I wanted to make before tonight’s episode airs.

1. First of all, episode title:

Kēlio Rūklōn
The Lion and the Flower,

... because we don’t yet know the word for “rose.”

2. Second of all, Zhalio suggested that the word I transcribed as abledagho “be frustrating” might somehow be from letagon “to tie.” This made good sense (cf. English expressions like “that must tie you up in knots,” or “that must put you in a bind), except that we couldn’t eplain this *ab- prefix. But eventually I realized that it was simply av ledagho “frustrate (tie) you.” I think we can consider that one settled, but plenty of other words still to figure out.

3. Technically there was at least ONE word of Valyrian last week, if we count the promo for 203: I have something to say to the people of Meereen... NAEJOT!. Very exciting! Funny how they edited it together to sound like one quote, when that’s surely two: naejot means “forward!” so Daenerys must be addressing her own soldiers, not “the people of Meereen.” Still, kind of awesome they felt it necessary to include any Valyrian in the promo at all!

Now of course, Dany pronounces it more like *naējot, but that is consistent with her pronunciation last season. Perhaps a Pentoshi accent, quips grishnash. I also enjoy how the promo edits it together with her quote

4. I recall Mr. Peterson saying on a couple of occasions that he had recorded something cool we’d have to listen very closely for. So when snickle said:
“We haven't had Joffrey's wedding yet, with the ballad of two lovers dying in the doom. I hope their version (if they keep that from the books) meets your standards.”
“There is a scene in the books and there are songs in this scene. One song is in sung in high Valyrian and, being a song, I'd assume it's poetic in some way. The scene in question is likely to occur in season 4 of the TV version, although they may or may not keep the song. If they did keep the song, I expect that this would be the largest chunk of Valyrian verse in the show to date, if not the entire series, and they'd probably want to do a good job to keep the obsessive fans happy.”
... I couldn’t help but think that was it. I was very much looking forward to hearing a High Valyrian poem sung in the background... but alas, my guess was wrong, and that did not occur. It's too bad: if you're going to get Sigur Rós to perform, you may as well have them sing in an invented language, right?

So what is/was/will be this surprise? Well that's where it gets hazy. When it came time to write this down, I wanted to quote Mr. Peterson’s wording exactly, and/or link it. But I couldn’t find this statement anywhere! I even wrote the man himself, and he said:
Shoot. I honestly can't remember anything about this. When did I say that? I wonder what I could have been referring to...
Curiouser and curiouser. Did I dream this whole thing up? Does anyone else remember him saying this?

Well, less than ten minutes to go until Breaker of Chains, so I’m going to sign off. Enjoy!
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