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Automated Latin Translators

A small but vocal minority of my readers complains when I go to a conventiculum and start posting in Latin. More than once they have made the point that it is unfair to post in a language for which there are no automated translators.

Of course there ARE automated translators, but they... how shall I put this... suck. snickle once tried translating one of my entries using quicklatin. The results were... well let's just say they were "a small wooden stake for supporting vines." A recent post on latin has alerted me to the existence of Intertran. Unfortunately it sucks just slightly less (Note, for a better example, see below).

So, I guess you'll just have to live with me posting in a language you can't read. This isn't the end of the world. I have many good friends whose journals sometimes baffle me. icecat sometimes posts about hockey plays, yakko posts about computers and other technology from a very technical standpoint, rhi_silverflame posts gushing entries in fandom of shows I've never even heard of. I bet every one of my readers can think of examples from their own friends lists. No one can keep all of their readers entertained at all times, nor should it be the purpose of a journal, even a public one, to do so. Furthermore, I usually seem to gain readers during conventicula, rather than lose them, so really there are people to whom this is of interest.

And honestly, Latin is so omnipresent in our language(s) that I bet you can get something out of my posts if you don't let your eyes glaze over.

Just for fun, here's a side-by-snideside comparison of Quicklatin and Intertran:

Original Latin
Tandem Lexintoniam adveni. Iter durus ac longus erat, et mea et caeli culpa. Solus sodalis meus erat Harrius Potter. Nunc apud Accium diversor. Sed hora est... (quid dicam?) ridicula et nobis ambobus dormiendum est- nolo enim hospitio eius abuti!
At last I have come toed Lexintonia. The journey hard and long was, and my and the heavens the fault/blame/responsibility. The my only companion was Harrius Potter. Now at Accius the diversor. But the hour is... ( which/who I shall say?) The small wooden stake for supporting vines and to us both he/she/it has been requiring to be slept- I am unwilling for to the hospitality to waste of it!
At length Lexintoniam to come. Road hard and long was , and my and skies fault. Alone fellowship my was Harrius Potter. Now according to It happens different. But hour is. ( what dicam? ) ridiculous and us both dormiendum is - nolle in fact hospitality her to use abusive language!
Actual Translation
I have finally arrived in Lexington. It was a long, hard journey, which was both my fault and the weather's. My one companion was Harry Potter. Now I am staying at Aki's. But the hour is... (what can I say?) ridiculous, and we both should sleep- afterall, I don't want to abuse his hospitality!
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