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Latin Wikipedia is famous!

We've had an article in Vox Latina before, but never something as prestigious as this!

Due, I think, to my thoroughly arcane and scholarly interests, I didn't impress Mr. Gomes as much as some of the others did (don't get me wrong though: Josh does makes a fantastic "poster boy." Now I need his autograph!) but I'm glad he did find something he considered worth quoting from our interview. Unfortunately we had a slight misunderstanding of the sort that is almost obligatory in newspaper articles. So I should clarify.

Computatrum. When I lobbied against it was actually back in the mid-nineties, before wikipedia existed. On the Grex Latine Loquentium computatrum and other -trum words were (and are) very widespread, and it really bothered me. But I couldn't convince very many people on this topic. And as proper usage is determined more by what people actually say than by what they should say (OK, that's not exactly true in a dead language, but it makes sense in cases like these), I eventually gave in to the masses on this one word. Computatrum is just too wide-spread now to fight, and if you can't beat 'em.... But I do still fight the use of this suffix on most other words. So Gomes presented this whole sequence, over 10-years long, as something that happened on Wikipedia, when really it was decided long before.

But in general the article is good, and I'm very pleased!

ADDENDVM: Uh oh, he also confused Tangaloa and Tagalog. Iacobus Amor won't like that.
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